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About Me

Hi there! I have grown aware that when we choose better for our selves, we can help and support each other better, too. I got tired of the distractions, competing interests, and one-way conversations on Facebook. I knew there had to be a better way! A way to build real communities and real relationships. I think our successes start with what we believe, how we think, and healthy choices that elevate our spirits, thoughts, and lives. Especially when we are in a space with people who share our life experiences, our challenges, and our passions.

Why You Should Join Wild Heart Nation:

We learn a lot from each other. We can have real discussions about life's pain points, we can learn more about ourselves as individuals and where we fit in life with each other. My own life has had incredible shifts that have been challenges and also successes. And it's amazing, but they all contribute to our lives in unexpected ways when we learn to see. Let's talk about the tough issues of life.


  1. Make better decisions with informed ideas about changing old habits and thought patterns - because you make connections with new friends walking your path;
  2. Meet, talk, to, and connect with people who are near you, share meaningful stories from life like yours, people who are like you;
  3. Experience a community where you are the facilitator and leader - support, encourage and learn from other who share your experiences and also want to get unstuck and move forward - all with out unsolicited advice;
  4. Get answers to questions that you can't get anywhere else because you probably don't have a place to talk to people who have lived the same experiences you are, and face the same challenges you face... and you can have a conversation and get those "what if," and "what about," and "when that happened, how did you feel" kind of questions answered. You don't read about - you talk live person to person about it; and
  5. You can find - and be - the inspiration that you, and that someone else needs, in your community, every day.

In short, it's great to be in a real community hanging around with people who "get you."

A Big Thanks

 I know what it's like to be stuck, hopeless, and fearful. By joining the conversation, you are helping create a strength bigger than any of us alone. 


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